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dandelion, please bring my dream to god....

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dandelion, please bring my dream to god.... Empty dandelion, please bring my dream to god....

Bài gửi by sam fog Fri Jan 25, 2013 8:40 pm

hello everyone, first, let me introduce myself..My name is Sam Fog...I am 17 years old now (it's right in 2013). Happy ..today i want to tell you a story about my life...yeah..let's start. love struck ..I was born in a poor family...of course i love my family very much, they love me too, and give me everything happy, i am really grateful to god because He gives me happiness kiss , but unfortunately, someone feels jealous, and has god give me something bad to be equal.. broken heart .yes, He agreed and gave me a bad...dad, a bad character. crying ..ohhh nice gifts..when i was young, i always felt shy because i had a really really bad dad. his debts, his violence, his terrible rumors made me annoyed angry ...i used to wish i hadn't had a dad like that Sad ...okay it's a sad thing, let's say about another..yes god also gave me a bad character..a girl is so lazy, so selfish, so cruel, so arrogant, so conceited. Sad ..yeah that is me..sorry i can't find more adjective to describe all about me, Sad i'm a bad girl...i always feel in this life i'm unneeded person...but i can't change it.. the only thing i can do is trying my best to erase the bad thing Sad ...like everyone, i have many dreams and wish i would come true one day, i used to wish my dad would change to be a good one, i used to wish i would be better...oh yes...i used to dream and pray and hope god can make them come true.. Happy ..but maybe it's a lot so He can't do all of them. worried ..so today i hope dandelion can bring my only one wish to god....i wish my family is happy forever love struck ...dandelion, please help me, flow with the wind and bring my dream to god...... Happy
sam fog
sam fog
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